Guardian Gratitude


Phoenix Security International was legally founded in Roatan, Honduras, in 2023. Since its founding, Phoenix Security International has been characterized by two attributes: an absolute commitment to the highest standards of integrity, quality, and performance, and an entrepreneurial corporate culture. The results are a flexible, responsive, market-driven organization that proactively develops sustainable lines of service that the corporation can support, manage, and deliver effectively and profitably.


The Phoenix Security International seal embodies our values. It expresses the strength of our commitment to our clients and the bravery and decisiveness of our people.

1. Our integrity is the moral force that drives everything we do, every day, and with everyone with whom we interact.
2. We secure and strengthen the trust that our clients place in us to safeguard their people, assets, and business.
3. We are vigilant in mitigating risk and enabling our clients to safely and securely do business throughout the country.
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