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Phoenix Security International sets the benchmark in protection services nationwide across Honduras, with our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality, integrity, and performance firmly rooted in Roatan, where we are based.

Our expertise spans across residential and commercial security, executive protection, and event security, backed by trained bilingual guards with a military ranger, SWAT, and close quarter battle training.*Phoenix%20Security%20landing%20page%20photos%20(7)*jpg?alt=media&token=a99196b8-3bdf-4774-bfd7-f522cb83ec43
Secure your home with our vigilant and skilled bilingual guards, trained in advanced security protocols to ensure your peace of mind.*Phoenix%20Security%20landing%20page%20photos*png?alt=media&token=00ef9ce6-9dfe-401b-8bfa-9b61d1903745
Safeguard your commercial properties, hotels and resorts with our exceptional security services, tailor-made to deter potential threats and uphold a serene and secure environment.*Phoenix%20Security%20landing%20page%20photos%20(9)*jpg?alt=media&token=02ca5c8a-dbc7-4448-bc7a-e3a801064525
Avail of personalized protection from our professional bodyguards, equipped with close-quarter combat and customer service training to ensure your safety and comfort.*Phoenix%20Security%20landing%20page%20photos%20(1)*png?alt=media&token=31fee732-c15e-4540-8062-46a936801d8d
Enjoy seamless event management with our expert security solutions, guaranteeing safety and order at any scale.*Phoenix%20Security%20landing%20page%20photos*jpg?alt=media&token=17f13397-33e9-4ff8-ac56-4dd7a831c882
Monitor your premises effectively with our professional CCTV services, providing you with a reliable layer of protection and evidence when needed.*Phoenix%20Security%20landing%20page%20photos%20(4)*jpg?alt=media&token=dcdba71c-b1d5-4cc1-a305-b639b6f9e311
Uncover the truth with our discreet and efficient private investigation services, backed by industry veterans.
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Our expertise spans across residential and commercial security, executive protection, and event security, backed by trained bilingual guards with a military ranger, SWAT, and close quarter battle training.

At Phoenix Security International, the learning never stops. Our guards continuously hone their skills through ongoing training programs, including courses on shooting, different security tactics, private investigation, and customer service.

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Experience Absolute Commitment: Your Security Defined by Integrity, Quality, and Performance.
Comprehensive Services
  • Our services cater to a diverse range of needs - home/residential security, retail security, bodyguard services (executive protection), and event security.
  • As an added advantage, we offer professional CCTV solutions and private investigation, bringing all your security needs under one roof.
Elite Personnel
  • Our security personnel, aged between 25 to 47 years, undergo rigorous training, equipping them with the skills needed to deliver top-tier security.
  • Their qualifications and certifications are provided to our clients, ensuring complete transparency.
Customizable Solutions
  • We offer tailored security solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.
  • Our detailed online form on this landing page enables you to request a personalized assessment.
Customer Service Excellence
  • Phoenix Security's team delivers top-tier, uncompromising security solutions, ensuring maximum safety.
  • Our team equally excels in customer service, providing a seamless and comfortable experience for all our clients.
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